How To Clean A Golf Bag Complete Guide in 7 Step

How To Clean A Golf Bag

Golf is a fascinating sport. But playing on grass all day keeps your bag dirty and then you realize the importance of cleaning. Which makes you feel shy in front of your golf partners and other friends.

It is not a meaningful step to put your bag in the washing machine and assume it is clean. But it is not that much easy. To clean it properly you may need to take some important things like a clean cloth, a bucket of hot water, dish soap, etc.

Do not worry about it. There is complete guidance on how to clean a golf bag just like it was brand new. We will do our best to make it as simple and quick as possible

How To Clean A Golf Bag In Just 7 Simple Steps

If you worry about, if your golf bag gets dirty, how do you clean it? Then don’t worry about. I have my practical experience in it. I wanted to share it you you. When you follow my method of cleaning golf bag then you will find your bag clean like a new one. Some bags need to be clean in 3 steps only. just like a canvas bag cleaning.

There are 7 steps by which you can clean your bag easily. After applying these steps you will be shocked and will not be able to tell that it was my old bag. Let’s begin!

Ckean a Golf bag in simple 7 steps

Step 1: Empty The Bag

The first and very important step is to empty your bag. and unzip all the pockets of the bag and remove all the accessories including the clubs, balls, tees, and gloves to clean them separately. And then check clearly that no items are in the bag because people sometimes forget their important items in the bag and from water and other cleaning material it may get damaged.

Step 2: Shake And Vacuum

Cleaning the inside of the bag keeps your bag in good condition. Vacuuming the inside of the bag is the best way to remove loose dirt, grass, and debris. unzip the main compartment, empty out all the pockets, and turn your golf bag upside down over a clean and open area, such as a garage floor or a patch of grass. Gently shake the bag to encourage any loose dirt clippings,  pebbles, or debris to fall out that can build up over time. And take out any detachable accessories to clean them separately.

Take a damp cloth to clean inside the bag and run the vacuum on the bag to remove the dirt and small particles from the bag. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment, this can be a very helpful tool for cleaning your golf bag. Attach the brush to the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Run the brush over the fabric, strap, and pockets to pick up dust dirt, and small debris 

Step 3: Wash With Water Lightly

For cleaning the outside of the bag use water dish soap and a damp cloth. Prepare the clean soft and damp cloth you’ll use to wipe down the bag with water. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water. keep in mind not to use hot water because it may damage your bag particles.

Before beginning the process of cleaning the bag. Before applying water to the entire bag it is a good idea to test the small area to check that water will not cause any damage to the bag. Wait a few minutes to check how materials react to water. 

Dip the clean cloth in lukewarm water and wring it out so that it’s damp but not dripping gently wipe down the exterior of the golf bag. Pay attention to the areas of stains, dirt, or grime if there are stubborn stains. So you can apply a bit more pressure but avoid scrubbing too vigorously to prevent damage to the fabric or finish.

For cleaning the interior of the bag use a dampened cloth and wipe down in interior pockets and the main compartment. You can also use a soft-bristle brush or toothbrush for more stubborn spots and to get into crevices.

Step 4: Use a Clean Cloth to Scrub with Soap

Take a clean cloth and dish soap. And daub a dime-size on a clean cloth. You don’t want to apply the soap on the golf bag because some of the brands have harsh chemicals that may not react well on leather or vinyl if they meet the material directly. Lightly scrub where you see stains and wear.

Thoroughly Rinse the Golf Bag with a Hose

A bottle of spray will not work for this step. Spry it down with a hose or run it under a faucet until it is completely clean.

Step 5: Addressing Lingering Stains with a Stain Remover

When you have done all the main steps of cleaning a bag. Inspect your golf bag Are there any stubborn stains that still exist They didn’t seem to be clean when you wiped them with clean clothes,

Before using a stain remover identify the specific areas on your golf bag where the stains still exist; these stains might be from grass, mud, food, or other substances.

If you worry that stain remover can affect the bag’s color, you can test it on a small area of your golf to ensure that it doesn’t cause any adverse effects.

Step 6: Let Your Golf Bag Air Dry Overnight, Away from Sunlight

Once you’re done with the cleaning process. Take some time to let it dry. properly. Don’t be so fast to put all your accessories back in the bag because it may get wet.

Air drying your bag overnight is the best approach. Avoid drying the bag near direct sun or heater, as they can cause the fabric to lose color and become weaker. Check the bag that is completely dry before using it.

Step 7: Organize your golf bag

Once you have completed the cleaning process the time is to put all the accessories back in the golf bag, attach its strap, and start putting all the clubs back in the bag.

Organize your golf bag

The deep-cleaning process makes it possible and easier for you to maintain the original and extend the life of your Golf bag so that it looks great and professional on the golf course.


The conclusion of the topic, how to clean a golf bag, is that you might feel shame when your golf bag is dirty. Because the golf game is the game of an elite group of people. Therefore you must keep your bag clean and new. Keeping the bag clean is not an easy step to constantly clean the bag. So following the above steps will keep your bag like new, and clean. Keep your bag clean and show it to your game partner yourself.


There are some questions asked by many Golf players about their golf bag. Some of them are follow with answers.

How do you get the smell out of a golf bag?

Begin by removing all the accessories from your bag like club balls and other materials that will help you to access all the areas for odor removal.

Take your golf outdoors to a sunny and airflow area. Hang it if possible. Let it be there for a few hours. It will help reduce odor.

Fill a bowl or container with baking soda, place the container inside the main compartment, close the bag securely, and leave the container inside the bag for at least one night or for 24 hours. Baking soda is excellent at observing odor.

After removing the baking soda from the bag, put some dryer sheets inside the bag. The dryer sheet has a pleasant scent which can remove the remaining odor in the bag.

To wipe down the interior use clean dry clothing. This will help to remove any residual odor inside the bag.

How to clean a leather golf bag?

Start by using a soft cloth with some mild soap and warm water to wipe down the exterior. The next step is restoring the original shine of the leather conditioner or wax. let your golf bag dry overnight away from the sun.

How often should I clean my golf bag?

The recommended cleaning frequency depends on how often you play golf, you should clean your bag once a year. With proper care, your golf bag can last for 5-10 years.

How do you restore a faded golf bag?

Clean your golf bag regularly with mild soap to remove dirt and germs. This will prevent further deterioration of the color and material. Use neatsfoot oil for the leather bag to restore its color and maintain suppleness. Use fabric dye if you have a nylon golf bag because faded color can often be restored with fabric dye.

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