How to clean a canvas bag? in simple 3 steps

A canvas bag is nowadays necessary to carry with us. It is sturdy and eco-friendly. It is a perfect alternative to shopping bags. So a Canvas bag is for daily use. Therefore it gets dirty and deep stains.

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If you worry about how to clean a canvas bag? So don’t worry it is easy to clean any canvas bag by using simple mild detergent and warm water. You can clean the deep stains entirely with it.

By following this article you will get ideas through which I clean my canvas bag. I like this method because it takes less time and gets perfect results. When I clean my bag by using the following method, I get my bag like a new one. 

What is a canvas bag?

A canvas bag is named because it is made of canvas materials. It is made of a plain woven fabric that is sturdier and stronger than other cotton or woven materials. It is a daily-use bag that is used for shopping mainly. It is not enough for the uses. It can be used for many daily uses like for traveling, for a hospital, for going to a park with children, etc. A canvas bag is used because it is eco-friendly. It is an alternative plastic bag. This contributes to the dirtiness of the environment.

What are canvas bags made of?

A canvas bag is made of strong and sturdy materials, typically plain woven or thicker cotton, which is referred to as canvas. A Canvas is generally used for heavy items. Because it can bear the weight of any heavy materials. Therefore canvas bags are made of canvas materials. Some other materials may be used in it like PVC, Metals badges, drawing arts, etc. and things depend on brands and their quality. 

How to clean a canvas bag?

When I have written anarticle on how to clean a Majc Jacob Tote bag then users were asking for that please write on how to clean a canvas bag also. Then Ihave decided to share my personal method of cleaning a Canvas bag that looks like new.

Cleaning a canvas bag is pretty easy. Due to its materials, you don’t have to worry about it. The materials used in the canvas are very sturdy. That is why it may not be damaged easily. But sometimes it depends on color, hardware, quality, etc. which may get damaged If you use the wrong methods. I will tell you the methods that will be fit for all types of canvas bags. Just follow the following steps.

Clean a Canvas bag in 4 Simple Steps.

Following are simple steps that you have to use to get your canvas bag clean like new. 

Step 1: Prepare the Bag

The first and initial step is the preparation of the bag. Here I will tell you what you need and what to do before cleaning your canvas bag.

Things need to be used

First of all, you need the following things to start cleaning your canvas bag. These things are important. The things I use are easily available at every home. So you don’t need to purchase another.


You must have warm water with you. Warm water is important because some stains may not be cleaned by cool water. 

Mild Detergent

You need mild detergent. It is an easily available thing. It is available approximately in every home. If it is not available you can use its alternatives like Baking soda, White vinegar, 

Lemon juice.

Bucket or Basin

You may need a bucket or if you have a washing basin then it will be quite easy for you. In the bucket, you will put water and in the basin, you will open a faucet. 

Soft Clothes or Sponges

You must have a soft cloth or a sponge. That is to be used to scrub the bag. If you have a sponge then prioritise it otherwise use any soft cloth.

Tooth Brush

Sometimes you may need a toothbrush if your bag has some tough stains. Check your bag if it has tough stains then keep a toothbrush with yourself.

Empty the Bag’s Pockets

After getting the required things your second step is to empty the bag’s pockets. Make sure the bag is empty. 

Verify Every Label and Tag

Before washing the bag you must check the tag that is attached to the bag. Any bag has a label or tag that is attached with the instructions on whether to wash it or not, wash it in a washing machine, or by hand. So you have to confirm and verify the tag or label. Following the instructions from the manufacturers is important. Because they know better about the materials of the bag. 

Color Bleeding Test

Some bags’ color is bleeding. If your Canvas bag has a darker color, you have to do its color bleeding test. 

Put a part of the bag in the water that is not looking outside. Then wring the part to drip the water down.  If the dye drips, you have to wash it carefully, or very smoothly. If the dye does not drip then you can follow the following methods to clean the canvas bag.

Stain Removal Method

Before washing the complete bag, just check whether your canvas bag has tough stains or not. If it has tough stains then remove the stains before washing the bag. To remove the tough stains follow the following method.

  • Put water on the stains
  • A drop of the detergent
  • Scrub the stains with the toothbrush

Step 2A: Washing by Hand

As you have followed my method, then you have checked the tag and label on the bag. If the label has shown to not wash in the washing machine then follow Step 2A. If machine washing is not prohibited then still you can continue with this step. Washing a canvas bag on your hands keeps your bag better than washing on the washing machine.

Step 2A Wash a canvas bag by hand

Fill a Basin with Lukewarm Water

First of all, fill a basin or bucket with lukewarm water. Do not pour water into the basin/bucket so that it overflows. Leave enough space for the bag to sink into.

Add Mild Detergent

Add some drops of the detergent that you have. If you don’t know how much water to put into it? The answer is that it depends on the quality of the detergent. When the detergent has dissolved in the water, start mixing it and add more drops until the foam forms.

Test a Small Area

First, you must test a small area of the bag. Start Cleaning a part of the bag to secure the canvas bag from scratching the bag or color bleeding, etc. If it works correctly then continue washing the whole canvas bag.

Gently Clean the Bag

Then put your canvas bag to clean it completely. Submerge the canvas bag completely in water so that it is wet and then gently mix it. You must scrub it gently as circulating motions. Scrub every part of the bag but gently until it looks clean.


After cleaning with detergent you should empty the bucket or basin of water. Then fill the bucket with cool water. And submerge the bag in the water. Make sure the bag is clean of all soapy water. 

Press Out Excess Water

At the last press the bag to press out excess water. Gently squeeze it but not too much to spoil it.

If you have followed Step 2A then you don’t need Step 2B. If you want to skip Step 2B then you can.

Step 2B: Machine Laundry

If you have read the label, available on the bag, and written on it that you can wash it in the washing machine then follow this step. If there is no tag on it then you can choose yourself. Whether you want to wash it in a washing machine or hand washing. 

Step 2B Washing a canvas bag in washing Machine

I prefer washing it manually. Because Machin may spoil it or there are possibilities of decreasing its age. To wash the Canvas bag just follow the following method

Check the Bag’s Care Label

As I mentioned several times, check the bag’s care label. By the manufacturer, the label is attached and written on it that not to wash, or not to wash in a washing machine, etc. Following these instructions is beneficial to the bags. Because they are the manufacturer they know better how to take care of it.

Use a Gentle Cycle

Take care of your canvas bag. When you want to wash it in the washing machine, put it in a pillow bag, if you have an extra one, to keep your bag safe from any scratches.

Add Mild Detergent

Add mild detergent to the water. Then start the machine to mix the detergent in the water. Then put the bag in the machine to wash it. Wash it for at least 15 minutes. 

After the given period, stop the machine and check your bag. Whether it is clean or not. If not then put the bag in again and wash for 5 minutes more. If it is clean then go to the next step.

Wash and Rinse

When you wash the bag and then confirm that it is clean. Then you must use the manual wash method to rinse it. You have to use cool water to rinse the bag. When it becomes clean press out excess water.

Step 3: Drying

The final stage is to dry your bag. You must also take care of your bag in all steps. You must follow the following ways to dry the bag effectively.

Drying the Canvas Bag on no sun

Shape the Bag

Whether you wash the bag in a washing machine or by hand, the bag may be unshaped. First of all, shape your bag correctly by any side.

Air Drying

Then Dry your bag with air. Don’t use sun drying that may bleed the color, or the sun may weaken the canvas fabric. 

Final Touch

Once the bag is completely dry, gently shake the bag and fluff it to restore its texture. It is finally done and clean. Pretty good!


In conclusion, I will answer your question about how to clean a canvas bag. Cleaning a canvas bag is not too difficult but cleaning properly is necessary. Because canvas bags are used daily. That is eco-friendly. It is made of canvas materials. That is why its usage is higher than any other bag. The more it is used, the more dirty it will be. That is why I recommend washing it several times a year. and I prefer to wash the canvas bag manually. Washing in a washing machine may cause it to weaken or its color may be bled. 


What is the best way to clean canvas?

The best way to clean a canvas bag is to search your bag for a label or tag. That label has instructions from the manufacturer. That instruction is the best way to wash your bag. If there is no label then you have to test color bleeding. If it does then wash it manually on hand. If it does not then wash it in a washing machine.

How do you get stains out of a canvas bag?

If your bag has tough stains then you can use white vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. Put some drops of them on the stain and scrub it gently with a toothbrush.

How do you wash a designer canvas bag?

While washing a designer canvas bag, you have to test with the color bleeding test. If dye drips then you need to be more careful. If it doesn’t then you can wash it on hand. If the design is an art drawing then you don’t need to scrub it with a brush.

Should I wash my canvas bag?

A canvas bag is a daily wearable bag. That is why it gets dirty. Thanks to the canvas fabric materials it is washable. You can wash it but if there is any other design then you have to take care of the design.

Does water ruin canvas bags?

A canvas bag is made of canvas fabrics. It protects your valuable items. It is durable as well. When it gets water and you don’t take action to dry it, It may get damaged. And any valuable thing inside the bag may be damaged because canvas fabric absorbs water.

How do you make a canvas bag look new?

Take your bag away from dirtiness. If it still gets dirty then try to wash it by hand. Wash it with mild detergent and Wipe it gently with a soft towel. The canvas bag will always look like a new one.

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