How to tell if a Gucci bag is real? In 9 steps.

While shopping for fashion I consider the brand’s products. Purchasing brand products sometimes challenges me to understand original and fake products. Meanwhile, every famous product has a copy of it. Gucci has the same problem of having fake products. 

If you want to know the answer to the question of how to tell if a Gucci bag is real, then it is a common question for everyone for a brand and product. There are some common factors that you have to consider before buying any branded products. First of all, is the Logo, correct name, materials, packaging, etc.

To know that the Gucci bag, if it is real,  I have collected all the factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing a Gucci bag. I have to discuss it fully in detail to help you keep safe from fake items.

How to tell if a Gucci bag is real

How to tell if a Gucci bag is real? 9 Factors

Here is the list of factors I consider before buying a Gucci bag. As I deal with deals I can easily understand if it is a real or a copy. Let’s discuss the factors.

Gucci Authenticity Tag

The Gucci Authenticity Tag is a new function added to Gucci products that confirms authenticity. It is an NFC-based tag that you have to scan via the Gucci app that is available on smartphones. 

Gucci Bag NFC Scan

The tag is to be scanned through the app in a mobile with NFC technology. The tag is located in every new bag. The tag is located on the label. You have to keep the phone’s backside touch to the tag and scan the tag so it will confirm whether it is original or not. If the scan does not work it means the bag is not a replica.

Thanks to advanced technology, we can check a Gucci bag with just one click. If you have a new Gucci bag of Gucci it will be quite easy to know whether it is an original or a replica. If it doesn’t work or you don’t have an NFC mobile follow the below factors.

Serial Number

A serial number is a tag available on the bag. It is a code of 10 to 13 digits. It might be in two rows. If the bag is older than the 1990s it might be in a single row.

Gucci bag Serial Number Tag

The tag is available inside the bag on the interior tag where the name of the Gucci stamp is written. When you turn over the tag the code will be available. If the serial number is not available then you have an indication that it is wrong.

The tag must be in numbers only. If there is any letter on it it will be a red flag of replica.

As I mentioned above the tag is to be scanned via NFC mobile. Rather than checking via Gucci mobile app, you can also Google the serial number. If you do not find it, then it indicates a replica.


Stitching is the most important factor for every brand to take care of. Every brand wants to stitch seamlessly and consistently. That is why they have experts and professional stitchers. The same is here for Gucci, they don’t like broken threads. They even try to have the same size of each stitch.

gucci bag Stitching

Good stitching has more attraction on a bag. It attracts customers at first glance. This is a challenge for any brand. Sometimes replica companies call replicas just because of broken stitches.


Well-designed and valuable hardware is the highest priority of any bag designer. That’s why Gucci also takes care of the hardware and its quality. That’s why Gucci is Gucci.

Gucci bag Hardware

The Gucci bag has heavy and sturdy logo hardware. Its logo style is always in the shape of GG. It depends from style to style but mostly the hardware is shining. The bag has YKK zippers. The zipper has a stamped logo of YKK. and connected elements to the zipper have a Gucci logo.

If you found the hardware is not sturdy, or not heavy or you found the zipper is not YKK, or you don’t find the Gucci logo GG on the bag then it is a red flag of a copy product.

Controllato Card

A controllato card also called a checked card is a card attached to a brand new Gucci bag. It is attached to the bag that has 3 lines of text. The first line includes the logo of GUCCI, the second line is “controllato”, and the third line is of numbers from “1 2 3… 9 0”. 

Gucci bag Controllato Card

A controllato card can be replicated by a fake company. It is to be identified properly but sometimes you might not know if it is real or a copy. But you have to keep in mind that to be attached. 

Interior Tag

As I mentioned, a serial number is available inside the bag on a tag. The tag is called the interior tag. It is made of the same managerial that the bag is made of. On the interior tag, the logo of Gucci is stamped with a heat stamp. In the second line written made in [country] like made in Italy.

Gucci bag Tag

Sometimes the tag depends on materials. If the tag is not available then you have to check other factors as well. If the tag is available but the logo is not clear. Or the font family is different so it may be the sign of a fake bag.

Leather Quality

While purchasing a Gucci bag you may find all the factors I have mentioned above correctly. But the real thing is the quality of the bag. You must take care of quality materials. Most Gucci bags are made of Leather, so you must confirm whether it is real leather or polyurethane (PU) leather. 

Gucci bagLeather Quality

Factors of Genuine Leather vs. Polyurethane Leather

There are some factors that differentiate genuine leather and polyurethane leather. Some are discussed below.


Genuine leather is unique and uneven, whereas PU leather is more likely uneven and the same design can be found in it.


Genuine leather can fade with time and PU leather can be the same and becomes flimsy and smooth with time.

Water absorption

Genuine leather absorbs water and PU leather does not absorb water. Because PU leather is like plastic.


Genuine Leather has a musky aroma and PU leather smells like a chemical because it is made up of chemical polyurethane.

A logo is a main pattern of a company. As a company is famousing so its name is becoming a brand. Then people know the company by its logo. Now the logo of Gucci is a brand. Customers know Gucci by its logo. 

gucci bag GG Logo

The Gucci logo is a combination of capital double letters GG which half overlap each other. The top of the letters is thinner than the middle portion.

On a bag, the logo is made of a heavy and sturdy metal. Its colour is golden but not too shiny and not a warm golden. It looks like a copper colour. If you find something different than I mentioned it might be a fake copy of the Gucci bag.


Gucci wants to satisfy its customers efficiently. And they always consider fashion. That’s why Gucci’s mission statement is “Gucci is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion”. Gussi keeps fashion in mind from manufacturing to packaging. 

gucci bag Packaging

Gucci packs their products in a fashionable package that attracts customers. When a customer unboxes it, he/she feels amazing while unboxing it. There must be a Gucci logo on the shopping bag and the dust bag.


The conclusion of this article is that Gucci is always trying to protect its customers from replica products. Gucci gives quality to its customers that no one can give. That is why Gucci became GUCCI. Gucci takes care of Gucci bags from manufacturing to customer handling. And at the end, Gucci gets feedback too. It takes care of every factor. Like materials, logo, hardware, serial number, packaging, etc. when we understand all about the factors so we can be safe from any fake products. If we have a genuine Gucci bag, we can save our money with durability. I hope you have got the answer to the question “How to tell if a Gucci bag is real?”

I recommend to purchase Gucci bag from its official website. If you want to know how to clean a Marc Jacobs Tote bag just click here.


There are many questions that are asked by Gucci users. Some important questions and its answers are the following:

Where can I check a Gucci bag serial number?

A Gucci bag has a serial number. It is available inside the bag. A tag is available in the bag with a heated stamp of the Gucci logo. Below the tag a serial number is available. You can search for it on Google to confirm it.

How do I trace a Gucci code?

Download the Gucci app named My Gucci on a smartphone. The smartphone must have NFC technology. Find a Gucci tag on the bag. Select the Gucci tag section. Place the mobile on the tag.

Is Gucci Made in Japan real or fake?

All Gucci items are made in Italy and Japan. If it is written Made in Japan or Made in Italy both are original. Note: Check other factors also mentioned in this article.

Can you scan a Gucci bag?

New bags come with a QR scanner card. You can scan the code for free with the Gucci mobile app. If you have an NFC code you can also scan it with NFC-supported mobile.

Are Gucci replicas illegal?

No! Gucci replicas are illegal. Even replicas of any brand are illegal. If you want to have a company that manufactures products or services that are directly copies of a brand, you may face a case of replicas.

What zipper does Gucci use?

Gucci uses YKK zippers in their products. YKK zippers are easy to open and close zippers. It is made of good metals that are durable for a long time.

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